As we age our teeth weaken....

What to do as your teeth degrade through old age

As children, we tended to think very little about biting down hard on all manner of boiled sweets, secure in the knowledge that our teeth were strong and healthy. Remarkably, little damage seems to be done to teeth by this action but as we get older and have suffered some decay and perhaps a breakage or two, we tend to become a little more wary about what we eat and how we eat it.

Overall this is not a great problem until we reach our mid life years, especially if we have neglected our teeth and have little confidence in their strength. When this happens, we, perhaps subconsciously, find ourselves choosing softer food options both in the supermarket and when dining out.

Whilst there are certainly many delicious softer foods available, and as far as taste goes, we don’t suffer in this area, we do perhaps miss out on the opportunity to obtain the best nutritional value that we can. If we feel that our teeth are not strong, we may avoid crunchy apples for example or perhaps the tougher red meats. Whilst the latter are not exactly a healthy option, they do provide a good quantity of iron. Nuts too are often avoided but are a healthy snack to have instead of crisps and chocolate.

The problem obviously intensifies as we hit old age when our bodies don’t take in the nutrients as well as they once did, so restricting this further because of our teeth can lead to other overall health problems.

So, what can be done if we find ourselves in this position? Well, if you live in Derby, why not pop along to your cosmetic dental practice for a consultation. There are a number of possible options that can be done to replace lost or very weak teeth. It may be that a simple crown will suffice in some cases, but in most cases, when people have got to this stage, the tooth or teeth have become next to useless and need to be replaced.

Whilst dentures have been the traditional method of doing this, increasingly cosmetic dentists are turning to dental implants which offer a much more secure and strong solution for someone who has lost a tooth. These can be used to replace individual teeth or can be used to aid in the replacement of a full arch of teeth where they, and their smaller cousin the mini dental implant, are used to hold into place a fixed bridge or in some cases, simply to stabilise dentures.

Once these dental implants have been placed, they offer a strong option which will increase the range of foods that you feel confident to eat, and should last you for twenty plus years as well.