Options for cost-effective dentistry in Europe

Travel for 'dental holidays' is now increasingly popular

For many years now, people in the United States have been travelling abroad for their cosmetic dental treatment to countries such as Mexico and even further afield to Vietnam. Although there are some excellent dentists in America, the problem is largely that of cost.

Increasingly, this trend is being replicated in the UK as well, although usually with less distance to travel. Since the opening up of Eastern European countries, there are a great number of high quality cosmetic dentists setting up their practices in countries such as Poland and Hungary. Whilst there may have been some initial concerns about language and the standard of dentistry in these countries, these have now been largely eliminated and with more and more people coming back from having cost effective dental implants abroad, the word of mouth has soon got around as to how high the quality of these dentists are.

In fact, dental implants are one of the most popular treatments to have done in the Eastern European countries. This is largely due to the cost of having them done in the UK. Most treatments are significantly less expensive when done in Europe but for the ‘cheaper’ procedures such as a tooth whitening for example; the savings are less because the cost is less.

With dental implants however, it is possible to save quite a significant amount of money, especially if you are having more than one dental implant. In fact, you could save well over a thousand pounds if you have two or three of them.

Not only will you save money but if you plan your experience well, you can also have a pleasant short break in one of these countries. Most cosmetic dentists in Eastern Europe will not only arrange your dental treatment but will offer, as part of a dental tourism package, your flights and accommodation. This is usually in a good quality hotel, allowing you to relax and recover from your procedure. It is only natural, after having a dental implant, that you may feel a little sore for a day or so afterwards, so the opportunity to get away from the routines of daily life at home and have a break, possibly by the sea or even a hotel pool will help you to recover in style.

One concern that many people express is what if the procedure goes wrong. First of all, it should be said that this is an unlikely occurrence s the success rate for dental implants is around 98 percent. With the top quality skills of Hungarian and Polish dentists, there should be no reason for concern. However, as with all procedures of a medical nature, there is always some risk but there is no need to return to the same dentist if a problem arises as most dentists abroad now have agreements with cosmetic dental practises in the UK for any follow up work that may need to be done.

So, if you have heard good stories from your friends or work colleagues about the work they have had done on their teeth abroad, it may be worth investigating to find an affordable way of improving your smile.