Our teeth and the food we eat

Certain foods can compromise oral health so regular dental treatment is important!

Dental care is a very important aspect of our overall health regime. Everyday on the TV or in the papers and magazines, we see a whole range of articles about things that we should eat and things that we should not eat; that are good for our health or bad for our health.

Rarely, though, are these articles applied to our teeth. When was the last time that you saw an article suggesting that we eat a certain food to keep our teeth nice and healthy? This is a shame as there are few of us that would not like to have better advice to keep our teeth in good shape. This becomes especially important as recent tests are starting to indicate that the build up of plaque etc may not be bad just for our teeth, but also for our heart too. Whilst most of us know that sugar is bad for our teeth, this is one of many food stuffs that may cause us problems if we do not keep them in check.

It is actually when the sugar or starch remains on our teeth that a chemical reaction starts which eventually leads to the wearing away f the enamel on our teeth, usually resulting in tooth decay. These foods often come in liquid form which means that they have no problem in reaching in between our teeth in the places that we fond difficult to brush. The good news for sugar lovers however, is that foods such as chocolate, whilst containing a lot of sugar, also contain a lot of fat and this helps the sugar slip off the teeth much easier. With that said, you should always try to clean your teeth after eating in order to prevent the sugar and starches sticking to your teeth and starting to build up the plaque. Of course, we are all told that we should eat lots of fruit; however, fruit contains not only sugars but also citric acid that will also attack the enamel so once again, try to brush as soon as possible after eating.

Another 'healthy' food which gets bad press amongst dentists is muesli and granary bread. Although this is good for our general health, the unexpected hard grain (or even stone in some cases) is likely to lead to the breaking of a tooth, especially if the teeth are not in perfect health. Because of the potential damage that sugars and starches can cause to our teeth, it is important to keep up appointments at regular intervals with an expert like this Hanwell cosmetic dentist practice. Not only can this type of dentist keep an eye on the overall health of your teeth, but he will be able to recommend a wider range of treatments to keep your teeth health and, at the same time, keeping your teeth looking as nice as possible.