Cosmetic versus Regular Dentists?

What type of dentist should I choose?

With more and more people visiting a qualified cosmetic dentist there is little wonder that many more are asking why they should go to a cosmetic dentist rather than a 'regular' dentist.

Whilst regular dentists perform their procedures very well and are highly trained, the reality is that the range of procedures that can be performed is pretty limited if the truth be told. Cosmetic dentists undertake a lengthy period of training which allows them to carry out a wide range of procedures designed to not only improve the functionality of your teeth but the appearance too. Amongst the procedures that a cosmetic can perform are the cap or dental crown.

This is usually made from a cast of the original tooth and is designed to replicate the broken tooth in its original form as best as possible. The most popular procedure without a doubt though is the tooth whitening procedure. This seems to have become popular for a number of reasons. One of these is that it is perhaps the least expensive cosmetic dental procedure that is available and can be done in around one hour; in fact many people organise it so that it can be done during a lunch break. The other big benefit is that people see the results as soon as they have had the tooth whitening procedure, so the huge majority leave the practice feeling very happy about their treatment which is perhaps not surprising as the teeth are usually whitened by a factor of around seven.

The treatment is performed by the dentist using a laser and some tooth whitening gel. It should be noted that although tooth whitening kits can be bought over the counter, these are not as powerful and there is also a risk of burns to the lips and gums if not applied correctly. Dental implants are another procedure which are growing in popularity. Although they are fairly expensive, they are an excellent replacement for a lost tooth and can last for over thirty years which makes the cost more affordable if looked at from that angle. So, if you are concerned about any dental flaws that you may have or simply want to have a nicer more positive smile, a cosmetic dental practice is the ideal place to visit for advice and treatment.