How long will my teeth whitening procedure last?

Whitening can last for months but your lifestyle and diet can affect this

Instead of splashing out money on stomach tucks, boob jobs and face lifts, a lot of people are opting for the perfect smile to make them look and feel better. One quick and effective way to do this is to have your teeth whitened which can make you look younger in an instant. Depending on the type of procedure and of course how much you want to spend, this procedure can last for as little as three months or up to three years. The more top of the range treatment which is naturally a lot more expensive can last for anything between 15-20 years.

As we age our teeth tend to adopt a brown and yellow staining from use. Teeth whitening is used to correct this discolouration. You can opt to have the whole procedure done at the dentist's surgery or you can go for the choice of using a home kit. The length of time teeth whitening lasts will also be dependent on your own personal habits. Certain kinds of foods you eat, strongly coloured drinks as well as cigarette smoking will influence that length of time, negatively of course.

There are various kinds of teeth whitening options available. It is wise to spend some time researching the best option available for yourself on the various options in order to make an informed decision on what choice best suits you. Typically speaking there are three options for you to choose from. You can go for the in-surgery or home treatment tooth whitening option. There is also an over the counter treatment available which is less expensive but has a number of drawbacks. Whichever choice you opt for you should consult with a dentist before making the final decision

With laser bleaching, a laser light is used to activate the gel crystals to increase the lightening effect on the teeth. On the other hand the home treatment involves having a custom made tray created for you. This ensures a proper fit and correct use of the accompanying solution.

Teeth whitening procedures in Burton on Trent are growing in popularity all of the time, however, before having the procedure done at the dentist. It is always a good idea to have a thorough cleaning and stain removal with a dental hygienist. Then for 24 hours after the teeth whitening procedure you will be required to avoid food and beverages that have a high level of colouring in them. This gives the enamel pores time to close and to prevent re-staining.