Modern Clear Tooth Braces

Putting your smile back in place with Invisalign for adults

There are many excellent quality cosmetic dentists throughout London, all trying to encourage us to get our teeth in good order. The reputation of the British teeth seems to have spread worldwide and perhaps it is this embarrassment factor that is causing people to seek out new treatments.

One of the most popular treatments is a new style of brace called Invisalign. You can now get these modern invisible braces in Epsom and throughout Surrey. If you have not heard of Invisalign, then you should perhaps investigate them as they are becoming increasingly popular with adults who have crooked or uneven teeth. In fact, they are designed specifically for adults and are not really suitable at all for children due to their teeth not being fully developed.

They may be used in certain situations for older children but that would be decided on a case by case basis. So if you have crooked teeth and would like to regain your smile, these Invisalign braces are probably for you. Made from a medical grade plastic, they are also transparent and very difficult to spot. Some people have reported going out socially with them in several times before anyone noticed them this is one of the other attractions of Invisalign too; they are easily removable and are designed to be taken out of your mouth whilst you are eating.

So, no more choosing foods purely because they won't get stuck in your braces or avoiding those, like spinach, that nearly certainly will. You can eat what you like but just remember to clean your teeth prior to putting the braces back in. Trapped food, if left, will not only cause bad breath may also lead to tooth decay too. The braces are non allergenic and are suitable for nearly all users. They are much more comfortable to wear as well as being visually more attractive.

It is estimated that more than a million people worldwide are wearing these braces at any given time, so they are already building up a good track record to back up their popularity. It depends on each individual case as to how long a course of treatment will take before your teeth are in their correct position, but usually Invisalign will be worn for a little over a year in order to reposition the crooked teeth properly giving you back the smile and confidence that you thought had probably gone forever.