Orthodontic Adult Braces

Clear invisible braces for straightening teeth

For many years, cosmetic dentistry largely focussed on making a person's teeth appear whiter. As teeth naturally become discoloured as we get older, there was much demand for this. However, as time went by, veneers to replace the front of teeth and dental implants started to appear to add to the repertoire of the cosmetic dentist. Invisalign.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in improving the appearance of our teeth though is the appearance of the invisible Invisalign braces in Derby and other towns and cities in the East Midlands that have sprung up over the last few years. For those of us who see these for the first time, they can come as quite a surprise, especially if we compare them to the almost brutish appearance of the old styled metal braces that some of us had to wear.

These new braces, which whilst not actually invisible, are transparent and much more suitable for adults to wear, because, although it is possible to force or bribe children to wear them, as adults we are more in control of our own lives and it's probably safe to say that 99% of us would refuse standard metal braces. These new clear braces, or Invisalign, are designed and fitted individually and can be worn for long periods of time. However, they are also easily removable and it is recommended that they are whilst you are eating and also for cleaning your teeth. This is a distinct advantage as with old style braces, food easily became caught in them and this would often lead to teeth starting to rot which negates the benefits of the braces all together. However, Invisalign are not suitable for children.

The early stages of their teeth development means that traditional braces would be needed for them if at all. The lack of visibility of the braces is a huge plus for adults too, as many people found that metal braces affected their speech which can have a severe effect both on their ability to do their work and also their confidence often took a knock and even can lead to depression in extreme cases with those predisposed to that illness. Invisalign though, are by no means cheap and as with other procedures, there is a significant cost to them. This however is helped by the fact that a lot of dentists now offer a payment plan which helps people to pay over a longer period of time.